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Okay... site is just going up so don't expect much for now, but I'll be putting up some very rough draft code for you Kung Foo masters and java monkee's to fix up.  Pretty much everything I do is going under the GPL, but it'll say whether or not in the source code.  <Grin>

Oh, and greets to everyone in/from cDc, and #wRu.  If anyone wants to help out on my RAMirc (Remote Admin for mIRC) scripts, that would help.  I've finished a beta of the RAMirc (0.9) that allows basic manipulation of a users computer in "local style".  
                                               (for Windows Lusers, read: Telnet style)
                                               (for Linux Users, read: Telnet style)

   Please visit my Links on the right hand side for more action.  This is a banner free website.  No (L)users were injured in the creation of this site.

News Briefs

Saturday, January 5th, 2002

     Added a few articles you'll see at the bottom of this page. Hopefully you find them helpful, I'm still in the process of the re-write, and looking for a job... so please hold tight. When I converted to XHTML, HTML-Tidy took the liberty of reformatting all of my code. It's a pain in the rear re-formatting 1000+ lines of code in one page. Hope ya'll like the package though after I release the sight structure.

Friday, January 4th, 2002

     Happy New Year! Well, as you may have noticed from the redirect, I've moved sites again. This time I'm being hosted by SourceForge, on a Linux box. I've had to do a total re-write for Linux compliancy in XHTML 1.0 Transitional, versus the ASP/+.Net I was running on. It's kind of a blessing in disguise though, as I can now run two *VERY* similar sites under two different formats/technologies. I'll have the ASP/+.Net examples up running locally as soon as my box is fixed. I'm having some money problems now, and I can't afford to bring it back up. Sorry guys :(

     I've already received many emails concerning the menu being down, and the links inactive... PLEASE hold tight, I have to convert my entire site over to XHTML 1.0 Transitional from all ASP. This new site has no big server side scripts or anything, and it's very hard re-doing all of it without the scripting support.

     Plus, I'm prettying up the code into a standard sectional format so I can release my site framework in XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

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(Un)Enable and (Un)Lock Accounts WSHScript 01/05/2002
Common Knowledge Hacking Techniques


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      This site is Copyleft (!c) 2000-2001, and released under the GNU GPL license. Attaining source code from this site that is not displayed in a normal matter will be considered hacking and you will be sought out for persecution.  Just because it is GPL does not give you the right to hack this box for the source code.  I'll put releases out concerning this sites framework as soon as I have a chance.